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International Blues Dance Instructor
Brian Lucky Skillen

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Be sure to come for another free with admission blues dance lesson at JookJoint!  International blues instructor Lucky Skillen will teach the dance lesson. Lucky is home from his teaching tour in Europe.

About Lucky Skillen:
[Lucky] has taught and performed many styles of dances in Asia, Europe, and North America. He has also had the privilege of working with such celebrities as Neil Young, Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick, Katie Holmes, and Frankie Manning. Lucky teaches a wide variety of dance classes in which he creates a fun and playful atmosphere. He believes that play is learning and learning is fun!
Currently Lucky spends about nine months out of the year touring and teaching across Europe and the United states. The three months that he is not traveling he work with the Dancing Classrooms Program in NYC teaching inner city kids how to ballroom dance.
Read this and more about Lucky on his website.


Alazar Deas & Steve Rekhler will be djing the night.

From Alazar:
I started playing music in high school. On weekends, I played for Red and Blue Light Bulbs Parties. The music at the parties were jazz, blues, swing and slow melody from singers like Ella, Bobby Blue Bland, Sarah, Smokey, Aretha, Etta JJames and B.B.King. We danced Slow Drag, The Scroll, and generally improvised.  We were just having fun with our dancing and playing music. I dj JookJoint on November 26. Come out, have fun and GET YOUR BLUES ON! [paraphrased]
From "Steve The Troublemaker":
Blues . . . touches my very essence. I try to attend as many local events as time and (my pockets) will allow me; most notably: JookJoint and Friday Night Blues for Blues, and Frim Fram Jam for Swing. I've also spent a good deal (if not most of 2010) travelling to fantastic exchanges: BamBloozled, Blues Muse, Dirt Cheap Blues, Red Hot BBQ, CTLX, VBLX, Pittstop, PLL, Lindustrial, VBLX, as well as my hometown's NYC Blues Blaze and BABBLE.
I started DJing at the beginning of 2011 at Friday Night Blues and now have become one of the regular monthly DJs for the event. DJing is an art that gives back to both the DJ and the dancers! By sharing your favorite Blues music with your fellow dancers, you have the opportunity send those amazing vibes you feel when you're dancing, through the entire floor. Every time I'm behind the digital turntables, I learn something new, and it gives me great pleasure when a dancers falls in love with a song I spin and then adds it to his own collection! 
I'm honored to have the opportunity to DJ for JookJoint and look forward to playing new stuff and some favored classics.  I'm trouble; the good kind...

Alvin Ailey Dance Center
405 W 55th Street
Saturday, Nov 26, 2011
Lesson at 9:30pm; General Dancing at 10:30pm until
$10 if you bring the blues list coupon; $12 without blues list coupon