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Wednesday, October 13th, 8pm-9:30pm

"Understanding modern blues dancing: what it is and how to do it better"
Dance Instructors, Greg Avakian & Laurie Zimmerman
Location:  Pearl Studios
Address:  500 Eighth Avenue (bet 35 & 36 Sts)
Dates:  Wednesdays - Oct 13, 20, 27
Time:  8pm-9:30pm

$45 pre-registered online No longer available

$18 drop-in per class

Our next BlueSkool 3-Week Dance Class Series starts on Wednesday October 13th with national dance instructors Greg Avakian & Laurie Zimmerman.  Come out ad learn to express the music in your blues dancing.

"Understanding modern blues dancing: what it is and how to do it better"

During this 3 week series we will learn solid, identifiable, vocabulary for partnered blues dancing.

This will include moves that you can lead and follow so that you feel confident dancing in closed or open position to different styles of blues music. The classes are designed to give beginner/intermediate dancers more vocabulary and intermediate/advanced dancers a much deeper understanding of why you dance in a specific way.

We will also be working with different types of blues music -and the movement and feeling that goes along with the music we are dancing to.

During each class we will spend time "mapping" music -a unique technique in musicality that gives you specific tools to further understand music so that you'll listen to music in a way that is similar to the way that you read a book. Unlike musicality classes where you might 'just dance around', you will learn concrete ways to identify and predict musical patterns. You'll actually learn to retain musical knowledge in the way that you remember what you read. You'll learn how to predict musical changes more like a musician and dance more ‘with’ the music instead of dancing 'over' it.

INSTRUCTORS BIO: Greg Avakian has been teaching swing since 1992. He and his partner, Laurie Zimmerman have been dancing together since 1999. They specialize in Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing, and Blues Dancing

What Greg & Laurie offer in their classes is clear and encouraging instruction, a fun sense of musicality -and wicked sense of humor. With a unique background ranging from early classes with Frankie Manning to teaching alongside current West Coast and Lindy champions, they use and teach historically and technically relevant material that is not solely based on "a style" or vocabulary. They have students who have evolved into excellent dancers of many different styles.

Greg & Laurie teach at dance camps and workshop weekends across the country as well as locally near their home of Philadelphia, PA.

In addition, Greg is a popular DJ, having spun music for dancers at exchanges, competitions, and other events across the USA, in Canada and Europe. Greg has also been the DJ Coordinator for the American Lindy Hop Championships. His style mixes classic swing with very groovy blues and other sweet & funky stuff.