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New BluesKool Dance Class

Next Class, Tuesday, Sept 21st
8-9:30pm, @ 939-Ripley Grier Studios!

Savoy Style Ballrooming & Modern Dynamic Blues

939 8th Ave
(bet 55th & 56th Sts) New Studio for us!

Tues Nites:
Sep 14, 21, 28
8 pm - 9:30 pm

Use PayPal Button to Register; 
  • Only $45 online for entire series; 
  • $18 drop in per class

Class Description: Savoy Style Ballrooming & Modern Dynamic Blues
Ballrooming is the modern interpretation of  the slow dancing done at the savoy ballroom in the 40's and 50's traditionally it was danced with many turns lifts and dips. Today it has been developed into very dynamic dance adding a new flavor of movement to the floor craft. We will also build on this with dynamic dancing using the forces of tension, compression, twist and stretch to add a new dynamic to your dancing.

This class will increase with difficulty and we request no drops ins for the third class unless you have at least 2 years experience and understand or have been approved by one of the organizers or teacher to attend. Thank you for your understanding.

Instructor Bios
Bryan Lucky Skillen
Through the magic power of his huge smile, Lucky Skillen brings dancing joy wherever he goes. Lucky started dancing in 1996 and began teaching in 1998. Since then he has taught and performed many styles of dances in Asia, Europe, and North America. He has also had the privilege of working with such celebrities as Neil Young, Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick, Katie Holmes, and Frankie Manning. Lucky teaches a wide variety of dance classes in which he creates a fun and playful atmosphere. He believes that play is learning and learning is fun! Currently Lucky spends about nine months out of the year touring teaching blues across Europe and the United states. For more information, visit:

Eden Rice
Eden arrived on the dance floor in 2004. After exposure to various Latin styles, she delved into social dancing with the local Swing and Salsa scenes. Her journey into blues dancing came by the alluring way of late night jazz clubs and inner city blues bars. Then, wishing to expand her vocabulary and explore new ways of movement, she drifted into Ballroom Dancing. The following years were spent zigzaging across a map of dance styles, tasting the elements offered by each, and using contrast to deepen her knowledge about all that it means to dance. In 2008 she discovered Argentine Tango, which quickly became an addiction. Today, she continues to explore different dance forms, seeking always to further her ability and attune herself ever more with the music.