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MONDAY, JUL 19, 8:30 PM

In this series, we will explore how to have more and more connected fun. The classes will be highly interactive, with minimal talking and lots of exercises that trick your body into dancing well. A supplementary handout or video will be available for those who love lots of talking.
Rather than take on one topic per class, we will spiral through several concepts over the 4.5 hours of the series. This increases retention for anyone taking the whole series. Rather than practice a concept once and then drop it, you will be reminded of each of the following each week, so it has a chance to sink into your body.
  • Leader and follower archetypes, "winning the dance" in the first 5 seconds and the reset button
  • The 4 building blocks of dance, with priorities and application for leaders and followers
  • Basic connection: quality of touch, intention/direction and the 1-10 tension scale
  • The 6-note scales of following, and how leaders can support their followers
  • The keys to leading: the shortest path to an interesting, connected dance
  • Open connection concepts: elasticity, natural frame, abs and fingers
  • The 51/49 model of partnership: how followers can surf the wave and leaders can encourage them
  • Connection through musicality: intense listening, serenading each other, litmus test following
This series is open to dancers of all levels. The concepts are simple and will start at a basic level. We will move fast and cover a lot. Total beginners welcomed but must prepare to work hard.

Mihai's teaching is defined by curiosity, creativity and compassion. He constantly expands and cultivates his pedagogical style and curricula, coming up with thoughtful exercises for students. Students value Mihai for the useful individual feedback he provides in a gentle, helpful way. Mihai began dancing in 1997 and has been teaching blues full-time since 2005. He has taught workshops and festivals in more than 20 states and has been invited back in almost every town. He has also been a regular DJ of blues, swing and tango music since 2003, and founded San Francisco's Friday Night Blues - the world's first and largest blues-only weekly dance.

Where:  PEARL STUDIOS (check monitors for studio)
Address: 500 Eighth Avenue (between 35th & 36th Sts)
Dates: Monday Nights [July 12, 19, 26]
Time: 8:30 pm

Pay ahead online: $45 ($15/class)
Drop-in per class: $17