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Impromptu New Year's Day Lindy and Blues Party!

Why pray tell is JookJoint Shimmy Blues having a lindy and blues party?

The story as we know it:
Ok, so, that's Jerry over there on the left. Jerry is known by many as the unofficial King of Fram. After reading the unfortunate yehoodi thread about the demise of next week's weekly lindyhop dance, the King of Fram bellowed, "What!!! It's Thursday Night and there is no Lindyhop in New York City?"

Confusion and despair was felt throughout the land. We felt it here too in JookJoint Shimmyland. "There must be Lindyhop dancing in the City," he declared, "[f]or it is New Year's Day and it is Thursday Night!"

The valiant generals of Frim Fram Land are weary from an entire year of fight to make the King and his dancers happy. They have taken a strategic retreat for New Years Day (plus, Club 412 is closed). The friendly nation of JookJoint Shimmy brings reinforcement. The King must be made to be happy once again.

The Battle Plan
Rendevous: Playwright Celtic Pub
Location: 732 Eighth Avenue, 3rd Flr rm
Date: Thursday, Jan 1st
Time: 8 pm until
Admission: $5

We hope to make as perfect a mixture of dj styles as we can - from fast lindy, balboa, midtempo, New Orleans Jazz, Big Band and Jazz Vocals, and of course the Blues - uptempo, slow, Chicago, Acoustic, Delta, etc. Come make this a wonderful night of dancing!

The DJs
We have a fabulous selection of DJs representing varied DJ styles:
Kenny Boston (Jersey boy, a blast from Frim Fram past)
Emiliano Estevez (Philly sensation)
Jason Ganetsky (the heat in white heat)
Ken Chiang (Balboa Guy but we are working on him- kidding)
Paolo Lanna (the coolest guy in lindy - no lens. baby!)
Hether Samuels (LadyBlues)
Adam Schenk (back on the scene, where you been guy?)
[hoping to throw a soul guy in there but let's see]